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What is Light Account for PO and Invoicing?

Light Account (LA) allows free access to Ariba Network to process orders (PO) and invoices via email, regardless of number of POs and invoices or spent. However, LA only has limited functionalities.​

What are the functionalities of LA?

Using the LA, you will be able to view the last 50 transactions (PO and Invoices) with NTU at the Ariba supplier portal.   From the portal, you may trigger the PO to your email to process the order and later perform PO-Flip[1] to generate an e-invoice to your buyer.  It supports submission of basic documents through Ariba network such as Order Confirmation (OC), Advance Ship notice (ASN) and Invoice.  ​

[1] PO-Flip is a simple process enabled by Ariba Network that allows a supplier to easily convert a Purchase Order into an Invoice, and transmit that Invoice to the customer that placed the Purchase Order.

If the LA only shows the last 50 transactions, where can I find my transactions if there are more than 50?

You can find all your past transactions in your email account. Otherwise, you may contact your buyer for the PO​

How can I register for an LA?
  • ​​Walk in registration at
  • Upon receipt of First Light Account PO from NTU via email
  • Upon receipt of Sourcing invite from NTU via email​
What should I do when I receive the first Light Account PO or sourcing invite from NTU?

When you receive the first Light Account PO or sourcing invite from NTU via email, click the ‘Process Order’ link in the email. This will take you to the Ariba Network login page.

For new users
  • Click Sign-up on the welcome page.
  • Register for an Ariba account to connect with NTU to process PO and Invoices

For existing Ariba Network (Light Account or Ariba Sourcing) who has not processed any PO from NTU

  • Click Log in on the welcome page
  • Log in with your existing account


For existing Ariba Network Full Account and transacting with other buyers.

If you want to use the same account to transact with NTU:

  • When you receive the Light Account PO, log in with the same username and password (charges may apply)

If you want to create a new account (Light or Full) to transact with NTU:

  • When you receive the Light Account PO, Sign up as a new account.

Note: Supplier logging in Ariba Network using an existing Sourcing Account created prior to May 2017 must contact Ariba customer support

How many emails can we register for our company?

There should only be 1 email account used for each company to transact with NTU. However, you may create multiple user IDs. ​

Can I have both Full Account and Light Account to transact with NTU?

No, you can only have either a Full Account or a Light Account in doing business with NTU. The Ariba Network account will be tied to your unique vendor ID​

Can I start with Light Account and upgrade later on?

Yes, you can.  To know more about Full Account functionalities and fees, click “Learn More” button next to “Upgrade to From Light Account” in your homepage
Note: You can upgrade to Full Account only after signing up/logging in when receiving the Light Account PO from NTU.

Who do I look for if I have questions?

Full and Light Accounts are managed by Ariba.  If there are further questions on the functionalities, technical support, fees etc.  Please refer to the support section of FAQ.
However if you have business related questions please contact

How can I process orders and submit invoices using Light Account?

Once Log in details are created for a Light account with NTU, Light Account suppliers must refer to the Light Account PO/Invoice status in their Email every time they will process order and invoices.

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